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15 July 2013

Scientific research should be transparent and replicable. Demographic Research expects authors, whenever possible, to publish data and computer code that will allow readers to reproduce published results. Starting with Volume 29 (July 2013), we will designate articles as Author has provided data and code for replicating results Replicable if authors meet that expectation.

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03 July 2015 | research article

»Marriage and divorce of immigrants and descendants of immigrants in Sweden

Gunnar Andersson, Ognjen Obucina, Kirk Scott

Volume: 33 Article ID: 2 Pages: 31-64

01 July 2015 | research article

»Reproductive behavior following evacuation to foster care duringWorld War II

Torsten Santavirta, Mikko Myrskylä

Volume: 33 Article ID: 1 Pages: 1-30

18 June 2015 | research article Author has provided data and code for replicating results

»A resurgence of black identity in Brazil? Evidence from an analysis of recent censuses

Vítor Miranda

Volume: 32 Article ID: 59 Pages: 1603-1630


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