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Shige Song

Shige Song is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Queens College of The City University of New York, Assistant Professor of CUNY Graduate Center’s Certificate Program in Demography, and Faculty Associate of CUNY Institute of Demographic Research. His research focuses on the integration of the social and biomedical approaches to health disparities. He has studied the effect of social conditions and cultural preferences on infant mortality and physical growth of children and the long-term “fetal origins” effect of prenatal exposure to acute malnutrition on mortality, reproductive health, and mental health outcomes. He is currently assessing the relative importance of the social vs. biological factors in shaping health and longevity via natural experiment-based causal mediation analysis. In addition, Dr. Song has a strong interest in the evolutionary explanations of human health and demographic behaviors. His research on the effect of the 1959–1961 Great Leap Forward Famine in China on sex ratio at birth has been widely covered by the print and electronic media.

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